Welcome Back Letter

The ABC’s of 5th Grade



Dear Parents,


We are very excited about the school year ahead.  The purpose of this letter is to share with you some important information.  We hope that you will join us in working toward a productive school year!




Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process.  Please call the school to report your child’s absence.  If your child will be absent for more than one school day, we encourage you to call the school office before noon to request homework.  Please allow a week’s notice for homework requests for a planned absence that is a week or longer. We will do our best to provide what we can, but your child will be responsible for any additional assignments upon returning.


Assignment Book


Your child has been issued an assignment book.  Students are required to record all assignments daily (even those completed in class). If a student is absent, they can use our assignment book to determine what assignments they missed for that day.  Students are to bring their assignment book home each evening.  Please review your child’s assignment book daily and sign it every Friday.  Assignment books are typically checked on Monday for a parent signature.  Feel free to write notes in the assignment book-we will do the same!  This can be a valuable means of communication between school and home.


Accelerated Reader (AR)


This program is used to supplement the reading curriculum  The AR program is a wonderful way for students to read books of interest, while allowing the teacher to check reading comprehension.  After reading a book from the Accelerated Reader list, students take a computer-generated comprehension quiz and are awarded points based on the number of correct responses.  Students should choose books that are of interest and are appropriate for their level of understanding.  We will assist students in determining their reading level.  Students can check out AR books at the library here at school or at a public library.  AR book lists are available at the Riverview, Trenton, and Flat Rock Libraries.  The list provides you with book titles, authors, reading levels,and point values of each book.  Classroom time is provided to read independently, and students are required to have a chapter book to read during silent reading time daily.  Still, students need to do some reading at home in order to meet reading goals. 




In our classroom, students will treat classmates and others with respect.  All members of our classroom will feel special because we will accept each other regardless of our differences.




Assignments/Homework Folder


Unless there are special circumstances, all assignments are due the following school day.  We are using a system of collecting and checking daily assignments that is very helpful for both students and parents in keeping track of completed and/or missing work.  Each day your child will place his/her assignments into a folder.  He/she will do this with work that is completed or not.  We have clearly marked each pocket on the folder with either a “HOMEWORK” or “COMPLETE” label.  If work is in the pocket marked “COMPLETE,” please look it over for accuracy and neatness.  Feel free to have your child make any necessary corrections with your assistance.  Work in the “HOMEWORK” pocket is not yet complete and must be finished and placed into the “COMPLETE” work pocket.  The folder, WITH ALL OF THE ASSIGNMENTS, is then brought back to school the next day to be collected and/or corrected.  Please use your child’s assignment book as a guide for what you should find in the folder each day.  All written work, unless otherwise indicated, should be in the folder.  The only exceptions may be quizzes and tests.  Using the folder in this way helps all students maintain organization of their daily assignments, as well as give parents an opportunity to see what is being accomplished during the school day.  We know that this system, along with your assistance, will help your child have a successful school year.  Your cooperation is greatly needed and is appreciated by your child and us.


Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center


Our week long camping trip is scheduled for May 20-24 at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center. This experience enriches the regular education curriculum by providing outdoor experiences that complement topics presented in the classroom. This camp experience also helps students to develop social skills in living and working together through the group-living situation and some specific activities. Students will have the opportunity to learn outdoor recreation skills such as canoeing, orienteering, and outdoor cooking. To help pay for this trip, there will be opportunities to participate in fundraisers throughout the year.  A payment plan will also be available. A representative from the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center will come and explain the entire program at an evening meeting.  The date of this presentation will be forthcoming.


Birthday Treats


To best follow our school’s commitment to wellness, please do not send in cupcakes for birthday treats.  Please send in ready to serve, prepackaged healthy snacks.  Items such as pencils, stickers, erasers, etc. are encouraged and are a great, healthier alternative to snacks J




Communication is an essential ingredient in our success together.  Please feel free to send a note or an email to us with any concerns, comments or suggestions regarding your child or classroom policies.  We will communicate regularly through our assignment books, parent notes, emails, newsletters, progress reports and phone calls.



Daily 5 and The Café


Daily 5 will be implemented into our classroom for reading and writing this year.  Daily 5 is a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently that will lead to a lifetime of literacy independence.  The Café is a system that helps students understand and master different strategies used by successful readers.  We will be sending more detailed information about these programs to help you understand what we are doing soon!





Establishing good classroom discipline is essential to each child’s success, confidence and well being.  Every child should feel that the classroom environment is safe and secure, as well as free from all threats of physical and emotional harm.  In addition, it is important that each child learn to develop self-discipline and good work habits, resolve conflicts peacefully, and think independently.  In order for all children in our class to learn, they need rules and guidelines to follow.  As most of you know, Yake Elementary is a PBS school. Positive Behavior Support (PBS) promotes a positive school climate by recognizing students who meet school expectations while providing consequences to those who do not.  Without this structure, the behavior of some children may distract others, prohibiting them from learning.  With your support of our PBS program, we will better be able to teach and help your child reach her/her potential.


Healthy Snack


Students are permitted to bring a healthy snack.  Please send something that can be easily snacked on while working.  Please no candy, chips or sugary snacks!


Water Bottles


Students are permitted to bring water bottles to school in plastic containers with a non-spill spout.  Be sure to label your child’s bottle with his/her name. Please, no juices, flavored waters or pop.



We look forward to a rewarding school year!  Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  You may leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible.  We can also be reached via email. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!  We appreciate your support.





Mrs. Lewis

734-692-2230 ext. 2621



Mrs. Pasik

734-692-2230 ext. 2620



Mrs. Snyder

734-692-2230 ext. 2619