Everyday your child is engaged in a 1 hour block of math activities.  We are so pleased with the work that they are doing and cannot wait to see how far your child can grow this year in math!

Math Expressions

Multiplication and Division are a big focus for our third graders this year.  Remember that students should be practicing their basic multiplication facts nightly at home!

We will cover 7 units in our Math Expressions curriculum this year. 
These units include:

Unit 1: Multiplication and Division with 0-5, 9, and 10

Unit 2: Multiplication with 6s, 7s, 8s, and Multiply with Multiples of 10

Unit 3: Measurement, Time, and Graphs

Unit 4: Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Unit 5: Write Equations to Solve Word Problems

Unit 6: Polygons, Perimeter, and Area

Unit 7: Explore Fractions

Our students will also work on 8 Mathematical Practices which will help them become skilled mathematicians!
The 8 Mathematical Standards are:

1) Make sense of problems and preserve in solving them. 
(Keep on going!)

2) Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 
(Think what makes sense.)

3) Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 
(Talk and explain)

4) Model with mathematics. 
(Show your thinking.)

5) Use appropriate tools strategically. 
(Use the right tools.)

6) Attend to precision. 
(Check your work.)

7) Look for and make use of structure. 
(See the pattern or connection.)

8) Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. 
(See the pattern or connection.)

Visit the Math Expressions online student workbook at:;jsessionid=461A572898D7B0860489F4ABFC7E3036.
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