Michigan History & Science


michigan  science

Michigan History
Our students will work on learning about our great state of Michigan this year.  We will be incorporating many of our activities in our reading center rotations.  Upon completing each unit, each student will create a poster in class on their learning from the unit.  They will have to study the facts from their poster at home and will present their learning to the entire third grade during Poster Presentation days.

The units we will cover for Michigan History are:

Geography of Michigan
Economy of Michigan
The Early History of Michigan
The Growth of Michigan
The Government of Michigan
Public Issues Facing Michigan Citizens

This year we are working on a new science program called Inspire.  For this program, our students will actively engage in a variety of activities and will act as scientists to investigate and model concepts they are learning about in class.

The units we will cover in Science are:
Forces Around Us 
Life Cycles and Traits
Different Environments
Observing Weather