Reading Program: Journeys


Guided Reading

 Everyday your child is engaged in a 2 hour block of reading activities that are helping to make them into great readers that have fluency and comprehension skills like no other. We are so pleased with the work that they are doing and cannot wait to see how far they can grow in their reading!

Journeys Content
In our reading program, Journeys, students work on the following skills daily:
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Reading Centers

Your child will also participate in Reading Centers as part of the Journeys curriculum.  Below is a description of each reading center:

At this center, the students will work on brainstorming and organizing their ideas and will get practice with writing good sentences and paragraphs.  During the year, they will publish a narrative, opinion, and informative piece of writing.

Literacy Lounge: 
For this center, the students will read the anchor text for the week at least once and will also enjoy reading books that they have chosen.

Michigan History:
At this center, the students will work on learning about Michigan History.  They will take notes on key vocabulary, will pick out important information from various texts, and complete projects to learn more about our great state.

Meet with the Teacher: 
For this center, the students will read fiction and nonfiction texts at their instructional reading level in a small group.  The teacher focuses on teaching reading skills to the small group as they read together.

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